Thursday, August 16, 2012

JBOSS with NetBeans

We discussed about how to install JBOSS in your computer in previous post. But we didn't talk about how to start JBOSS server. We are going to talk about how to use JBOSS with netbeans IDE. Most of the JBOSS tutorials are based on eclipse IDE. But this article series is based on Netbeans IDE.

First open netbeans IDE. Then go to service tab and right click on servers node. Then click on add server as shown in the image.
Then you have to select JBoss Application Server from pop up box. Then press next. Now you have to browse your JBOSS stored folder. You have to select jboss-as directory. After that press finish. Now we successfully added JBOSS server to netbeans. Now we can start our JBOSS server from Netbeans. For that, write click on newly added jboss server and press start. Now we can see jboss-console. It will show starting JBOSS server.

We will see how to create small EJB and how to deploy that EJB to the JBOSS AS from netbeans.

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