Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Install JBOSS in your computer

This article describes how to install JBOSS AS in your computer. This is the first article of series of article. I am going to cover login modules, Clustering and load balancing in JBOSS. First let's see how to install JBOSS in your computer.
In this tutorial series, I am using JBOSS AS 5.1. You can download JBOSS AS 5 from JBOSS website. This is the link for JBOSS website.

According to your OS you can download zip or tar file. Installing JBOSS is very easy. We don't have to do anything. First we need to create a folder called "jboss" in C drive. If you want, you can create this folder in any of your partition. Then you have to extract that downloaded zip file into that folder. Now we installed JBOSS in your computer.

My next post will be on how to start jboss server from netbeans and command prompt.

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